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We wanted to let you know that we offer the best accounting & tax services in Charlotte, NC.

We enjoy what we do, which means that we take pride in our work. We also provide our exceptional services without breaking your bank.

Call and chat with us to see how we can help you with:

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JRD Financial Services: 5601 77 Center Drive, Suite 140, Charlotte, NC 28217

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In the economy of today you need an Accountant who is in touch with what is happening in the community and the business environment in which you operate. Reg Davies with JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services is that type of Accountant.

We help Small Businesses, including Sole Proprietors, LLCs, Partnerships, S Corps, C Corps and others keep their cost of doing business within Budget and help them to succeed in growing their business.

JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services provides Accounting and Bookkeeping Services on a Monthly, Quarterly or Annual basis, based upon the needs of the Individual Client. We Provide Payroll and Human Resources packages to our clients to help reduce the time spent by them performing such tasks, so that our clients can get back to the job of providing their services and making money. 

Our Charlotte Accountants are available for year round consultation to help answer Accounting and Business questions as they arise, and can act as your Part-Time CFO or Controller by suggesting Accounting, Human Resource, Banking and Insurance solutions to help grow your business. 

When it's time to expand your business we can help with Capital Budgets, Annual Budgets and Business Plans, and when it comes time to Sell Your Business we can help with your Merger & Acquisition (M&A) questions, and Exit Strategy.

JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services provides a complete range of Tax Services to suit all our clients. We work with Individual Taxpayers, Schedule C Small Businesses, 1099 Subcontractors, LLCs, Partnerships, S Corporations, C Corporations and Non-Profit Entities. We will timely prepare your Tax Returns so that they can be filed on time with the IRS and State Tax Authorities, and are Authorized e-file providers.

Should you receive a notice from the IRS or state regarding your tax returns, JRD Accounting, Tax and Business Services can act on your behalf to resolve any Tax Problem or Tax Issue. This would include preparing Prior Year Tax Returns, investigating and answering IRS Under Reporting Notices, setting up Installment Agreements, preparing an Offer In Compromise, representing you or your business in a Correspondence Audit, Office Audit or Field Audit. 

In the business and tax environment of today, in order to succeed you need a competent and ethical Accountant, Business Consultant and Tax Professional. Reg Davies with JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services is the one you can trust.

Taxes Charlotte

Tax Preparers in Charlotte can be found on almost every street corner during tax season. Many will be around just until April 15th, and others will hire Tax Preparers just for the season and will close shop until January of the following year. Reg Davies with Accounting & Tax Services of Charlotte is The Charlotte Tax Guy, and is available year round for Tax Preparation in Charlotte and within a 20 mile radius of Charlotte. The Charlotte Tax Guy is not just a Charlotte Tax Preparer, but is also authorized to represent clients with their IRS Problems when they receive a Tax Notice or IRS Notice up to and including the appeals process
Accounting Charlotte - Accountant Charlotte

Accounting & Tax Services of Charlotte will take your bank statements, check registers, sales registers cash disbursements receipts and other business records and generate Monthly Financial Statements for your business. With in excess of 30 years experience in Corporate Accounting, Public Accounting, Tax Service an Business Consulting, Reg Davies knows what kind of Financial Reporting is needed to help you run your business efficiently and make timely and accurate business decisions. When it comes to obtaining the financing needed to expand your business, Reg Davies knows what the banks and other financial institutions are looking for. When you become a Monthly Accounting client of Accounting & Tax Services of Charlotte we will review your Monthly Financial Statements and help identify areas that might need special attention to reduce costs and increase profits. 

Payroll Charlotte

JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services is partnered with ADP to provide you with the best possible Payroll, Human Resources Management, Time & Attendance, Employee Benefits Administration, Retirement Services, Insurance Services and Payment Services. You can be confident that all your Payroll Tax requirements will be taken care of timely, and that your employees will be paid on time and accurately every pay period. Your employees will receive their W2s in a timely fashion, and you can be assured that your Government Payroll Tax Filings will be on time.

IRS Audit Representation Charlotte, IRS Tax Problems

Known as The Charlotte Tax Guy, Reg Davies with Accounting & Tax Services of Charlotte is an Enrolled Agent (E.A.) with in excess of 30 years Tax Preparation experience with Individuals, Schedule C Businesses, LLCs, Real Estate Rental, S Corporation, C Corporation, Partnership and Non-Profit Entity Tax Returns. The Charlotte Tax Guy is authorized to represent all kinds of client before the IRS and State Taxing Authorities up to and including the appeals process, in all 50 states. He has Prepared Tax Returns and represented clients as far away as Washington State and Texas in the United States, as well as US citizens working, living and with assets in Canada, China and The United Kingdom.

Reg Davies-The Charlotte Tax Guy is THE person to go to when you receive that IRS Notice or IRS Letter. If you have Prior Year Tax Returns to file, if you owe more in Taxes, Penalty & Interest than you are able to pay right now Reg will work with the IRS to get you set up on an Installment Agreement that will work, help establish an Offer In Compromise Arrangement to reduce the amount owed if you qualify, or possibly have your account placed into a Presently Uncollectible Status. 

New Business Set Up Charlotte

JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services can help with Setting Up your New Business. We can help guide you through the Tax Attributes of Entity Selection and the tax differences of being set up as a Sole Proprietorship, LLC, Partnership, S Corporation or C Corporation. When helping set up your new business we will set up your Federal Tax ID Number, and make sure you are set up with the appropriate state tax authorities. 

A Business Plan is an extremely important tool for all New Businesses and should include an Exit Strategy for when you want to sell or otherwise wind down your business. JRD Accounting, Tax & Business Services can help with your initial Business Plan and can help keep it updated as your business progresses.

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